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Belgium's standoff with Terrorism

Since the downfall of the Soviet Union and the advent of the post-world war era, entire mankind has been a victim of terrorism. Terrorism not only inflicts destruction and pain but also challenges our internal/external security as a whole. Such heinous acts damage the cognitive progression of the globalized society as a whole, posing them to be the biggest impediments to all worldly reforms and the dream of a better world. As we are members of the same world, every nation should recognize that terrorist attacks anywhere in this world are a serious threat to humanity.

Belgium has been a serious victim of radical terrorism, witnessing the horrifying acts of killing and destruction across the nation, be it 2014; Jewish Museum Shootings, 2016; Brussels Bombings, the 2017 explosion at the Brussels central train station, or the 2018 Liege attack.

Belgium takes into cognizance the serious impacts of this growing anarchism that the world would face in the mere future. Belgium believes that these unlawful activities are transnational and therefore urges every other nation for greater and diligent global cooperation to combat terrorism. Belgium has made incremental improvements to counter-terrorism; implementing policies such as information sharing and resource allotment which have enhanced authorities and abilities to investigate and prevent terrorist attacks now.

As a result of these proactive measures, Belgium has not witnessed any terrorist attacks for the last 2 years. Nonetheless, our security forces have multiple small attacks which were only in the planning stages.

Belgium firmly believes in global cooperation and has been actively sharing terrorist and criminal information with the United States under the “Visa Waiver Program”. Belgium is a member of the Global Coalition to defeat ISIS, it is also a member of FATF and a member of the advisory board of the UN counter-terrorism center. Belgium actively participates in counter-terrorism efforts with the EU, NATO, the OSCE, and CoE maintaining a leading role in the European Strategic Communication Network.

Belgium is working to re-establish its commitment towards counter-terrorism operations and has used its non-permanent seat in United Nation Security Council (UNSC) during 2019 to promote prison deradicalization and various awareness programs which show the people of their soon to be dreaded future if they don’t come forward as a society to counter all such activities.

Hopefully, a highly integrated global network to counter-terrorism comes into existence in order to exterminate terrorism from every part of the world as the existence of terrorism in any part of the world will continue to pose a threat to the whole of humanity.

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