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Failures are the foundations of achievement, a time-tracking app, was established last year and already has 5,000 daily active users. Employees' check-in and check-out times are recorded by the app. The GPS-enabled app takes a selfie-and also displays the employee's current position.

The company offers several packages based on the number of employees in a company and charges an average of one dollar per employee every month.

“Right now, we're trying to spread the word about our product, so we're offering discounts and freebies. We also have sample packs available. Free services are still being supplied to half of the 5,000 consumers. Even so, we do roughly Rs 80,000 in monthly turnover,” says Abhijoy, co-founder of Regularli Technologies Private Limited.

Avijit, 25, is the creator of the app, and he has been interested in computers since he was a child. “When I was in third grade, my mother purchased me a computer. He says, "I would rather spend time on the computer than go out and play with my buddies!" He didn't have any siblings, so he spent much of his time on the computer.

The young entrepreneur attributes his success to the fact that he does not rely on his parents for money. “I grew up in a middle-class family where my father worked long hours to make ends meet. “I learned the significance of money early in life and wanted to take care of my own expenses,” Avijit explains. In 2011, he joined GMIT College on the outskirts of Kolkata to study computer science engineering.

When he was still in college, he founded Avifa Infotech, a BPO firm, from a 200-square-foot flat in Tollygunge. His mother gave him a loan of Rs 25,000. “I rented computers and employed 15 workers, and within a year, I had a turnover of Rs 12 lakh.”

In 2013, he made the switch to IT services and began building websites and developing apps. Abhijoy (29), Avijit's cousin, joined him at the beginning of 2017. Abhijoy was a commercial business banking manager with Yes Bank in Kolkata, but he believed in his brother's concept. “I had a Rs 20 lakh annual package, but I was so thrilled with the app that I chose to leave,” Abhijoy recalls.

“Our app is now used by 75 companies in 75 countries around the world, including Indonesia, Poland, and South Africa. We collaborate with fashion labels, universities, and small and micro-businesses,” adds Avijit, whose IT firm, Avifa Infotech Private Limited, is still in operation with annual revenue of Rs 20 lakh in 2017-18.

Their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to get started as soon as possible because life is short. Failures are the foundations of achievement.

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