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Here's how this 23 year old boy makes 35 Lakhs a year, and you can too!!

Age is simply a number when it comes to achievement. Rajan Nath, a successful entrepreneur at the age of 23, demonstrates this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Rajan is the creator of Edtech start-up ‘ePostal Network,' a first-of-its-kind online coaching institute for postal employees in India. He comes from a middle-class family in the small town of Silchar in Southern Assam. Rajan Nath began a YouTube Channel 'ePostal Network' utilizing a Rs 7,000 worth cell phone, which later developed into an edtech adventure (Photos: Special Arrangement) Rajan, child of an unassuming trooper of the Indian armed force, didn't have the assets to plan for a clinical selection test, however chose to dispatch an endeavor that would help other people accomplish their fantasies. His startup, ePostal Network, dispatched in July 2020 with zero speculation, has timed a turnover of Rs 35 lakh in only 10 months and he has accomplished everything as a limited armed force.

He has likewise autonomously made Rs 8 lakh through the advertisement income he acquired from his YouTube divert which was begun in 2017. ePostal network plans Group C representatives of the Department of Post for the Limited Departmental Competitive Exams (LDCE) that qualifies them for their next advancement in the office. "The major clump had been chosen by more than 300 people. Following the announcement of the outcome, a significant portion of the workforce was promoted to the next level." says Rajan, who determinedly pre-arranged top notch study materials to help his endorsers. The every day addresses, mock tests, and correction tests helped more than 70% of the representatives who enlisted with him in the principal clump clear the tests. Rajan's ePostal Network has enlisted around 5,000 postal representatives who showed up for the postal office's advancement tests with no PC or PC to begin, Rajan had dispatched his YouTube direct in 2017 from his Redmi 5 Pro cell phone worth just Rs 7,000.

He had dispatched the site '' too with his cell phone. His startup offers 60–90-day training classes for different postal tests. At first, the mechanism of guidance was in Hindi, however from January he has additionally begun English classes. The course charge for the post of MTS, Postman/Mail Guard is Rs 1,000, and for Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant it is Rs 1,500. The course incorporates every day talks of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Those enlisted will get a private connect to the YouTube instructional exercise. As of date, around 5,000 individuals have enlisted for different courses and around 70% of them have cleared the tests, says Rajan, who began offering paid web based training classes from July 2020. Back then, Rajan had more than one hundred thousand supporters on his YT channel. At first, the plan to begin a YouTube Channel came while he was planning for the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) test in 2017. "I didn't get any data on the postal office on the web. There was no instructional hub or training class to go to," says Rajan. "That is the point at which I felt that I should begin something on these lines to help the current workers and occupation applicants to get ready for tests led by the postal office." Rajan comes from a working class foundation.

His dad resigned from the military as a Naik and his mom is a housewife. Rajan showcased his endeavor by putting advertisements, for example, this one in Facebook and WhatsApp bunches His dad needed him to join the Army or find into an administration line of work. A Science understudy of Kendriya Vidyalaya Masimpur, Rajan needed to examine medication however since he was unable to get a seat, he joined B.Sc Zoology at G C College, Silchar. "My father took early retirement and utilised his benefits to pay for the schooling of his two children, me and my older sister. It was difficult to get by. As a result, I didn't think about taking any training for clinical passing," he explains. During his second year of school, he took the SSC exam and was hired as a Postal Assistant with a salary of Rs 25,000. "I was happy to find an administrative line of job, but I didn't take it because the posting was in Nalbari, which I didn't want to go to as it is 380 km from Silchar. Additionally, I needed to finish my graduation," says Rajan. While seeking after his certification, he started to zero in on fostering his YouTube channel. At first, his channel gave free news about different declarations from the postal office remembering requests or warnings for tests or employment opportunities. As his devotees expanded, he began a site where he arranged a prospectus to prepare the postal representatives and wannabes for postal positions. "With handwritten notes and video addresses, I started putting together the prospectus. As I was likewise a common administrations applicant, making notes wasn't hard for me," jests the adolescent. He utilized the Internet and different sources to set up the investigation materials in a simple, reasonable way in Hindi. Rajan had always been a smart student and a self-taught understudy.

He looked into YouTube instructional exercises to make his online channel just as the site. At first, Rajan designated the Grameen Dhak Sevaks (GDS) to prepare them for the post of Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS). Later he began courses for the posts of Post Man and Postal Assistant too. He likewise began showcasing his channel through web-based media by setting up advertisements on Facebook and WhatsApp gatherings. Rajan, who considers himself a 'solopreneur', is presently growing. He has named three online mentors to help him. To take his beginning up to a higher level, Rajan is dealing with an App, which will be dispatched constantly end. The App will give news, study material, and some postal product. "I'm witnessing commencing instructing classes for examinations lead by different offices when the App is deployed," he says. Rajan has large designs for his startup and needs to take it to the degree of market pioneers in the edtech business today to oblige candidates from South India, he is additionally intending to begin the courses in different South Indian dialects and choose resigned authorities from the postal office from the particular areas as mentors. ePostal Network saw the most elevated month to month acquiring of Rs 5 lakh in March 2021 with gigantic enrolment that occurred after the postal office declared the test dates for different posts. Rajan lives with his folks and senior sister Ruby Nath, who is an instructor in a private secondary school in Silchar. "Byju's, Unacademy, and Youtuber Khan Sir Patna have been a significant motivation in my pioneering venture," says Rajan, who has his eyes set on the big deal in edtech field. "I am following the development of Byju's for a long time. I need to see ePostal Network to be comparable to every one of the forerunners in the field sometime in the not so distant future." Rajan left on this effective excursion with a speculation of time, exertion, and information. All that's needed is these and not cash alone, as many might suspect, to turn into a victor throughout everyday life.

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