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Pakistan's yet another attempt to malign New Delhi

Pakistan's attempt to put India on the FATF grey list is yet another of many strives to malign India's image globally. New Delhi's staunch actions in the past past year to secure their international borders and zero tolerance towards terrorism sets off the grounds well globally that India no longer is going to derive their actions through global criticism but will take all necessary actions in protecting the unity, integrity, and sovereignty of the country. Pakistan is very well aware of the fact that they are not in a position to pose any substantial threat to India due to its internationally stooped-down image and overwhelming financial crisis. But Islamabad is reluctant towards their own citizen's well-being and seems more focused to spite back at New Delhi in any way possible.

Among many seemingly possible resorts, Pakistan rooted to vilify India's image. In one of the most recent attempts, Islamabad seeks to put India in FATF's grey list which comes soon after Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted "India sponsored terrorism against PAK". Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi said they had sent the dossier of evidence to the United Nations, ambassador of P5 countries, the diplomatic community, and media. Pakistan culminating this diplomatic campaign considering it to be a riposte.

Will India be ferried into the grey list? The most probable answer to this will be a complete 'No'. The reason behind this is that India is in a very muscular position in FATF not only diplomatically but also because of the nation's actions on the ground. The Financial Action Task Force not only focuses on terrorism but also on terror financing. The nation's Prevention Of Money Laundering Act 2002 combats money laundering incorporating strict provisions like confiscating and seizure of properties from the laundered money and dealing with any money laundering issue nationally. The nation also has its own Financial Intelligence Unit to detect and respond to any unscrupulous financial activity. Broadly stating, India is on the FATF committee because of its strong laws and actions.

Islamabad's move to put India on the grey list has no substantial diplomatic footprint and will be consigned to the dustbin. But New Delhi should now be aware of such attempts because even if Islamabad can't succeed in its actions, still it might obstruct India's narrative globally. India should take due diligence of its narrative building before it's too late or these constant strives today or tomorrow might put India in a bad situation.

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